An AI startup company aimed to develop Self-Training deep learning technology making manufacturing, Inspection, logistics, warehouse smarter and safer, and Self-Training AI Robot that can teach itself to realize autonomous manufacturing to an unprecedented level.

Introduction to MSISLAB Inc.

History of MSISLAB Inc.


Founded MSIS LAB in CBNU (Chungbuk National University) 

by Professor H.W. Kim


Developed Intelligent Touch Screen Sensors and Fingerprint Sensors
(analog & digital mixed signal design)


Developed a Light-Weight Deep Learning model running on MCU for Smart Metering IoT


Developed Autonomous Driving Sensing Technology with V2X Wireless Protocols for LDM Generation 

2018 November:

Founded MSISLAB Inc. (A Startup Company Spun off from MSIS LAB) to 

Commercialize the AI Technologies of MSIS LAB


Developed Compact Deep Learning Technology for Embedded Image

Recognition for Cloud Based Autonomous Driving

(Object Detection CNN, Person Motion Classification CNN, Neural 

Network Compression and Quantization) 


Developed Distributed Deep Learning Technology based on V2X for Multi-Vehicle Collaborative Tracking and LDM Service

Self-Supervised Deep Learning for Unlabelled Dataset, Reinforcement 

Learning, Distributed Learning for AI Smart Factory


Developed Cloud based AI Software Update for AI ADAS, AI Blackbox, 

AI Camera for Smart Factory

Self-Training AI Smart Factory with Motion Anomaly Detection and 

Product Defect Detection 


AI Smart Factory Monitoring Software Beta Version Release:
Product Family MSIS-MADS (Motion Anomaly Detection with Self-Supervised Learning) 

Supporting Edge AI on Compact Camera, Self-Training with No Labels, GUI-based Management Software for Motion Detection Analysis


AI Smart Factory Monitoring Software Product Released

Product Family PADS(Product Defect Detection with Self-Reinforcement Learning) 

Supporting Edge AI on Cloud Network,
Self-Training with Reinforcement Learning, GUI-based Management Software for Product Defect Detection Analysis

Founder of MSISLAB Inc.

Dr. HyungWon Kim

Currently Founder and CEO of MSISLAB Inc Since 2018, and

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering in CBNU (Chungbuk National University) Since 2013.


Founded MSISLAB Inc. Developing Deep Learning on Edge AI for Smart Factory and Autonomous Driving 


Joined CBNU as a Professor Developing Deep Learning, Image Recognition, and AI Accelerator SoCs 


Founded XRONet Corp in Korea. Developed WiFi and WiMAX Chips and Protocol Software Stack 


Senior Engineer at Broadcom in San Jose, CA, US. Developed WiFi SoC, Network Processor, 10Gbit Network Chips


Senior Engineer at Synopsys in Mountain View, CA, US. Developed Design Compiler SoC Synthesis EDA Software


Senior Engineer at Intel in Oregon, US. Developed Low Power Circuits for Mobile Pentium Processor


Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, US  

1993 / 1991: 

Master / Bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering at KAIST, Korea